Minor in photo is an actor, not an actual victim or survivor


“Hello. Would you like a job?”

Ruby was just 16 when that message changed her life forever.

Finding Ruby is a six part immersive podcast experience that journeys with Ruby, through the hell of an online sex trafficking den and out again to the light of justice, healing and restoration.

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Dive Further Into The Episodes

Episode 1

The Trick

Piece by piece, the layers of protection around Ruby are pulled away. It is into this space that the message arrives on Facebook.

Episode 2

The Trap

Ruby is caught in the online sex trafficking den. The days are gruelling but she is determined to escape.

Episode 3

The Trespass

Who exactly is on the other side of the webcam? We come face to face with the kind of men exploiting Ruby.

Episode 4

The Treasure

Light breaks into the darkness.
A painstaking investigation leads to the rescue of Ruby and the other girls.

Episode 5

The Trial

The fight for justice now begins. Ruby’s perpetrators belong behind bars, but their lawyer will do anything to stop that from happening.

Episode 6

The Triumph

Bitterness and anger well up in Ruby as she tries to move on with her life. Can she overcome this and truly heal?

Bonus Episodes

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International Justice Mission (IJM)

Slavery is vast and brutal.
But it is stoppable. Together.

Ruby’s story is intimately woven with many of the team from IJM Philippines. These are men and women, lawyers, advocates, social workers and investigators that have given themselves to this fight. The online sexual exploitation of children is a global crime that requires a global response. IJM’s teams are working around the world to protect the world’s most vulnerable, and they are only able to do this because people like you support them financially.

Share this incredible story of triumph and help shed light on one of the world’s fastest growing crime.

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