The Trap

About the Episode

When Ruby arrives at the house in Pampanga, the lady who first reached out to her is nowhere to be seen.

The next morning, she comes face to face with her ‘boss,’ Nadine. Ruby tells her immediately that she wants to get out. Nadine explains that Ruby must work to pay back her travel costs. But there’s a catch: she makes this virtually impossible for Ruby to achieve.

Ruby learns the strict rules of the house. The girls are forbidden to leave for any reason. They must work 8 hours a day, performing online shows for multiple customers in remote corners of the world.

Ruby’s one hope is escape. But with no one on the outside knowing where she is, Ruby is trapped.

Only Ruby’s inner strength and determination keep her going. One evening, hearing sirens passing by outside, Ruby makes her first attempt at escape.

Issues this episode explores:
- The differences between OSEC and ‘traditional’ sex trafficking
- Why OSEC isn’t a crime of poverty
- Rich visits a perpetrator of OSEC in jail



Images from the episode

Colonel Sheila in the child friendly room.

The jail at the Women and Children Protection Centre.

The house where Ruby was kept.

The house where Ruby was kept.


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