The Trespass

About the Episode

Just who are these perpetrators who commit this heinous crime against children, and why? ​

This episode opens a little differently: from the point of view of an overseas customer. If we want to combat this crime, we need to understand something about those who commit it.​

We rejoin Ruby as she attempts for the first time to escape the online sex trafficking den.​

Ruby reaches an all-time low and turns to her last resource: prayer. ​

Hope is on the horizon. Although Ruby has no way of knowing it, a team of rescuers is busy preparing the last steps to come for her and the other girls.​

You won’t want to miss what happens next.

Issues this episode explores:
- Who are these overseas consumers of OSEC? Is there one ‘type’ of perpetrator? (Hint: the answer may shock you.)
- Is there any hope of change or rehabilitation for those who commit the crime?



Images from the episode

Courtesy, The Star Phoenix:
Philip Chicoine pleads guilty to 40 charges for helping live stream overseas child sex abuse

Donald Findlater from The Lucy Faithful Foundation's "Stop it Now! UK and Ireland"

John Tanagho is the Director of IJM’s Center to End Online Sexual Exploitation of Children


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