The Trick

About the Episode

It all begins with a greeting from an unknown woman over Facebook, offering sixteen year-old Ruby a job in a computer shop.

Full of hopes and expectations of a better life, and wanting to escape from the pain of her very recent past, Ruby journeys across the sea to the province of Pampanga and directly into her worst nightmare.

Far from her quiet mountain home, Ruby finds herself trapped alongside a group of other girls inside an urban online sex trafficking den, where she will be given no choice but to perform acts she never could have imagined in front of a screen.

Ruby realises, too late, that it was all a trick.

Issues this episode explores:
- What exactly is the Online Sexual Exploitation of Children?
- Why is our instinct to turn away from this crime?

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Images from the episode

Police Col. Sheila Portento, Formerly of the Women and Children Protection Center's Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division

Caleb Carroll is the Director of National Investigations and Law Enforcement Development (NILED) with International Justice Mission (IJM) Philippines.

John Tanagho is the Director of IJM’s Center to End Online Sexual Exploitation of Children.


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